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QUI!!!, QUI!!!, Hello!!!!
We are the Walking Bear Singers!

The 2008 Pow Wow Season has Begun.
Grandfather is waking. We are practicing.

We encourage all to participate this year

Without dancers, and people, we would have no energy

We Extend Condolences to the Families of the
Elders that have passed.
We will miss them, and remember them fondly
when we sing.
We will pray for those that are sick and infirm.

We ask Creator to listen to our prayers and songs.

We ask that the dawn star in the east allow
us wisdom with the light of the breaking day.
We ask that the eagle convey our word to the creator
and turtle bring us the wisdom of its being.
One carries the word to the creator on high
and the other from Earth Mother.

We ask the Turtle to remove all negativity from
the Sun and Moon as they make their Journey across the

We ask that the Green eternal summer
of the south, allow its guide, the white Wolf
with red paw, to guide us along the path.
We ask that the eternal summer breezes
keep us safe and warm from all we fear.

We ask that the Great Black Bear of the West
with its gift of introspection, guard
Grandmother Sun and Grandmother Moon
when they rest following each other eternaly
protecting the beings below.
We also ask the Bear to bow his head
in sign of honor as our relations pass to the

We ask that we follow the example of
the great White beasts of the North,
the white bear and the buffalo
as they live through the starvation
of the Winter months. Living on virtually
nothing. Living in the great white
with the ancestors. Giving their lesson that no
matter how hard existance becomes

"THE PEOPLE" will never dissapear!!!!! AHO!

Walkingbear Singers send prayers and condolences to all
those affected by the September 11, 2001
infamous acts.

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