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AHO! Friends!

The "Walking Bear Singers" are an Inter-tribal
Drum. Based in southern New Hampshire, Maine and
Massachusetts. WE sing in the tradition of
the Southern Plains.

We have been in existence for
Twenty two seasons.
The current membership is 13 seasons old.

We have traveled as far South as Virginia,
as far North as Maine, and West to New York.

Our songs, from the plains, include Ponca,
Kiowa, Omaha, Osage, and Pawnee nations. To mention
a few.

Albert "Standing Bear" Caron, Drum keeper and head singer,
Debbie "Weetomah" Caron, Lead Woman Singer,

Women Singers are:
Kimberly "Metasonya" Caron, Melody "Two Stars" Foster,
Alicia "Willow Wind" Gobbi, Natalie "Otter Woman" Holt-Breen,
Dawn Savidigya

Men Singers are:
Second Lead) Trevor "Warriors Song" Breen,
Brad "Smell like Moose" Jewett, Paul "Night Owl" ,
David "Searches in the Night" Gobbi, Brian "Flowing River" Burns,
Jacob Walters, Mel "Fasthawk" Howarth.

At times we are joined by honored elders,
and former singers.

We enjoy singing for you.
We hope that our singing pleases the Creator,
the ancestors, the dancers, and educates
the public.

We hope to see you all on the trail.
Please stop to say QUI! QUI!!

For more information on the "Walking Bear Singers"
Itenerary, Please check page three.

Please note that MC and sound services are available.

If you are interested in having us sing at your Pow Wow,
Gathering, or Social, please contact
Albert Standing Bear, Head Singer & Drum Keeper,
at the e-mail link button above this text.
All bookings will be through Albert Standing Bear.

Please "try" to book 1 year in advance.
ALL gatherings will be considered based on our schedule.

To contact Mel Fast Hawk use the e-mail link button below this text.

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